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Social Media is the new form of direct marketing where it is a must that businesses incorporate this medium a part of their advertising and promotional plan. This book walks the business professional through each platform and teaches them how to effectively manage their customers and market through each network. Book also comes with the instructor providing additional materials and workshops at Click on, "Marketing Book" and create an account.

In this day and age of emailing, texting, tweeting, Facebooking and various other social networking it leaves the door open to an array of opportunities for small business owners and corporations to have access to millions of potential consumers. So how does one find their way to them, how does a neophyte navigate their way through the streams of the World Wide Web in order to obtain the most profitability? Well, I will tell you how. They go through the self-proclaimed Social Media Guru. Whom might that be you say? Well, it is none other than Celebrity business consultant and National Presenter, Alana Sanders of Marketing Pros LLC and creator of the nationally accredited fitness brand, “Get Pulsed” Alana has been at the forefront of social media marketing from the onset of this wildly popular phenomenon. She has been seen on various networks from Atlanta Live, FOX, CNN, NBC and even the dynamic duo The Tiny and Toya Show as their business consultant on BET. Alana is also a Professor, former Educational Administrator and Business/Marketing Consultant who has worked with small and large entities to help them bring their products or services to life. She teaches' the art of Business Management and Marketing to college and university students. Her love for marketing has assisted with the success of many events and businesses across the United States. She is currently working on another textbook that will provide real-life business scenarios within the classroom; for students to experience the role of an executive and having the responsibility of making decisions that may affect the shareholders.

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