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Get Pulsed houses International Fitness Presenters that provides Career Education Credits to fitness professionals.  Teaching subjects such as Entrepreneurship, Social Media Marketing, Branding, Dance Fitness Cueing, Choreography and more...

Alana Sanders is an International Presenter and won the SCW Fitness Idol competition. She is known to rock a crowd and turn any fitness event into a party. Featured on CNN and NBC as the creator of "Get Pulsed™, a dance fitness, and toning program. Alana is a professor of Business and Marketing who has an MBA and is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Leadership and Organizational Change. She is the author of the first college textbook written on Social Media Marketing.​





Where have you seen Alana?

  • You may have seen her on the "Tiny & Toya" BET hit reality TV show as the Celebrity Business Consultant.

  • On "FOX" as a Marketing/Business Professor speaking about Social Media Marking.

  • NBC/CNN or featured in various medical centers and hospitals on their health networks.

  • International Presenter with CanFitPro (Toronto), IDEA World, MOVE Convention, SCW Mania(All 9 locations), Ultimate Women's Expo, Pretty Girls Sweat Fest, or the Black Women's Expo attending one of her workshops/sessions.

  • Singing on stage with her band.

  • She wrote the first Social Media college textbook published by Pearson Education released in 2011 and currently released digital Textbook on Social Media Marketing through Amazon University.

  • Alana is also a Business and Marketing University Professor and a former Business Department Chair.

  • Creator of Nationally Accredited and Recognized Fitness Brand, "Get Pulsed."



"I've rarely attended lectures during my 12 years of Mania's because they tend to be boring and put me to sleep. I loved your energy and how engaging you were. I definitely got some great info out the lecture. Thank you!"

Julie Bonnett, SCW

"Alana was well prepared and energetic. She was fun and motivating. I loved her energy and learned many new things in the social media class. I thought her topics were current and cutting edge. I loved the interactive "FB live" portion of the class, it got us over our fears and brought us together as a group. I would take her class again and again."

Ria Joseph, SCW

"It was all fabulous. Don't change a thang!"

Cory Nix, SCW

Cory Nix, SCW

"It was all fabulous. Don't change a thang!"

Tracy Reppen, IDEA World

"It was all fabulous. Don't change a thang!"

Tracy Reppen, IDEA World

Alana sanders

Professor. Presenter.Textbook Author

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